Heir Apparent - Milwaukee, WI

Art/pottery and Period Furniture

 Production pottery, McCoy, Momoth, Shawnee, Rumrill  
Production pottery pieces including McCoy, Momoth, Shawnee and Rumrill
Vista Roseville 1920s art pottery  Roseville Sunflower Vases  Teco art pottery in matte and mottled glazes  Teco Pottery, matte, mottled glazes
Teco art pottery in matte and mottled glazes.
Great selection of Roseville Sunflower Vases.

1. 1040s hand painted Weller, signed by artist  2. 1920s Fulper, glossy, crystal glaze 3.   4. Weller Hudson havd painted Pottery pieces, navy matte
1. 1940's hand painted Weller, artist signed piece.  2. 1920's Fulper with glossy, crystal glaze.  3. Weller Coppertone bowl with frog, matte glaze over fish impression.  4. Weller Hudson hand painted pottery pieces in navy matte.


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