Heir Apparent - Milwaukee, WI

Women's  Vintage Clothing

Large Selection of Women's Vintage Wear from the 1920's through the 1980's
Attain this popular 60's inspired look from the award winning TV Show "Mad Men"

Dresses, Skirts, Suits, Coats, Formal-wear, Blouses, Sweaters....etc.etc.

 Vintage 1940s button down dressdesigner vintage suitVintage lace gown
  Vintage dresses Beaded sweaters, vintage sweaters

vintage sweaters, beaded sweaters  vintage skirts, vintage suits, vintage jackets
Womens vintage designer blouses   Vintage designer gown, vintage satin gown, 1940s gown
1960s bridal gown, 1960s wedding gown, Jackie O dress  1960s beaded dress, vintage dress    

1960s vintage gown, Black lace vintage dress  1940s beaded vintage dress
gown, vintage wear, vintage gown   copper vintage gown     1920s vintage flapper dress, vintage dress, Womens vintage  purple vintage coat
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